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PPH Receives Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence 2014

October 29, 2014October 29, 2014

In October 2012 at Paris, France, the Business Initiative Directions conferred to Philippine Publishing House (PPH) the World Quality Commitment Award in the Gold Category in recognition of PPH’s commitment to quality and excellence, leadership, technology, and innovation.

Two years later, on its 100th year, PPH received another award, the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence 2014, this time as the Best Health Magazine Provider (Health & Home) for exemplifying business excellence and reaping success. What a grand way to commemorate the centennial celebration! The award automatically certified PPH as one of the best among 59 companies in the National Awards Category.

PPH passed the six-point criteria of the National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services, Inc.: (1) Innovative Business Practices, (2) Quality of Products and Services, (3) Value Proposition and Pricing, (4) Customer Concern and Intimacy, (5) Reputable and Ethical Business Image, and; (6) Truthfulness in Business Management.

The selection process, according to the awards committee, was based on a “survey done through a Man-on-the-Street Interview, Telephone Interview, and Focused Group Discussion.” The validation of the survey was done by the National Data Research Validating Team and Awards Council.

The awarding was held at Manila Hotel Centennial A Grand Ballroom, One Rizal Park Manila City last September 27, 2014. Receiving the plaque and certificate were Florante P. Ty, president; and Mamerto M. Guingguing II, editor in chief.

To God be the glory!

Philippine Publishing House receives World Quality Commitment Award

October 29, 2012October 29, 2012

Philippine Publishing House (PPH), one of 63 publishing houses maintained worldwide by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and printer-publisher of Health & Home, has received the World Quality Commitment Award in the Gold Category.

Sponsored by the Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.), the awards ceremony was held during the B.I.D. World Quality Commitment Convention – Paris 2012, at which 54 countries around the world were recognized for achievements in “Quality and Excellence.”

Jose E. Prieto, president and CEO of B.I.D., said,  “The awarded companies are symbols of commitment to leadership, technology and innovation, making them models for others in their sectors.”

Representing PPH during the ceremony, which was held at the Concorde La Fayette Hotel in Paris on October 29, were Florante P. Ty, president and Ronaldo B. Dumapig, VP for Finance.

In his speech before the officers and employees of PPH after arrival from Paris, Ty said, “We praise God that after operating for almost 100 years, Philippine Publishing House has been recognized for quality, innovation, excellence and commitment. I believe that the organization behind this award saw fit to bestow us the honor of World Quality Commitment, because of our unique person-to-person approach and distribution program which is being done by our Literature Evangelists and publishing leaders throughout the Philippines. This award is for all of us. To God be the glory.”